A Doctor’s Opinion is WORTH LIVES

We believe doctors need our services first, since only a doctor can tell what’s best for his patients.

We created a platform that brings healthcare products to doctors in their offices, eliminating long waits, huge supply costs and the headache of management. We’re here for the same reasons:

Making life better for doctors and their patients.

Reap the Benefits of Forgotten Medicines

Jolly Healthcare invests in neglected drugs. We spend our time analyzing the market for rare diseases and then developing products to address those needs.

We are currently delivering all over the world. When you collaborate with Jolly Healthcare, you know where the medicine came from and most importantly you know that this is all evidence-based.

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Our Basic Values:

Rare disease

Preserving High
Quality Medicine.

Giving Patients
Access to New and
Effective Treatments

About Our Services:

Trusted Vaccines and

50 Global

65 Countries


  • Started Merchant Export under Sun & Sands General Trading Co. LLC Dubai (UAE)


Incorporated Jolly Healthcare in Jaipur


  • Launched 1st in Asia – Flucytosine 500mg Tab(CytoFLU) 
  • Developed & launched Crytococcal Antigen LFA Test under Tech Collaboration with Pasteur Labs, France


  • Launched R&D Center in India under technical collaboration with UAE
  • Manufactured Amphotericin B Deoxycholate to target Kala Azar, Mucormycosis & Cryptococcal Meningitis


  • Expanded International with a new Office in Dubai(UAE)
  • Launched Cefazolin 250mg/500mg Inj, Co-Trimoxazole DS Tab,Pentoxifylline 400mg ER Tab,Cloxacillin 500mg/1gm Inj, Benzyl Penicillin 5Lac IU Inj


  • Launched Diazoxide(First in Asia)
  • Developed 1st Generic Midodrine 2.5mg Tab 


  • Migrated to Le Jolly Healthcare Pvt Ltd